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Resilient Infrastructure

In today's landscape it is not enough to keep the bad guys out. Savvy companies know that break-ins are inevitable. Attackers can try many, many times and need to succeed only once. Defenders – however – must be perfect.

Effective security technology must provide Protection AND Resilience. SCIT ensures Resilience through Recovery and Restoration. Systems are restored to their pristine states and malware is removed before serious damage is done.

Moving Target Defense

SCIT's approach to Moving Target Defense is unique. Unlike competitors who challenge potential attackers by offering a dynamic attack surface, SCIT provides Resilience, Restoration and Recovery.

Even Advanced Persistent Threats which successfully penetrate defenses and contaminate systems with malware will be removed.

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A Unique Approach

SCIT turns conventional security thinking on its head. Unlike other cyber security products that employ techniques, often sophisticated, to keep the bad guys out, SCIT assumes that intrusions are inevitable.

SCIT controls dwell time that a successful intruder is resident on system. The attack is terminated within seconds of system compromise. Administrators can schedule the automatic cleansing of systems.

Shopping & E-Commerce

Zero Trust Architecture

SCIT does not trust the security condition of systems. It assumes a breach has occurred and systematically replaces systems before harm can be done. This is done in a way that is completely transparent and non disruptive to users.

SCIT networks are easy to expand and modify without compromising security or requiring extensive perimeter checks.


Award Winning Technology

Developed through Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security projects, SCIT's patented technology has won numerous innovation awards including Cyber Security Challenge (UK), Global Security Challenge, TIE, Innovative Solutions Consortium, AFCEA Cyber Symposium.

Press and Accolades

“SCIT Technology shifts the cybersecurity focus from vulnerability to consequence management.” Gen. Michael Hayden (Retired)

“The challenge for researchers and innovative startups is to ‘move the target’...SCIT technology is an example of such moving target defense approach, and is now interfaced with HP Fortify Runtime.”
Rob Roy, HP

“IIT believes that SCIT has the potential to become the next high value addition to the body of Government-Industry Best Practices.”
Steve Clemmons, IIT

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